The rising value of bitcoins was the major reason behind the popularity of blockchain technology. Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency which was launched in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, who is an anonymous person. The main aim was to offer a decentralized payment platform to the world. In the long term, Bitcoin has all the potential to grow and offer high ROI. You can save funds from anywhere in the world without the interference of any third party like banks or other government authorities. When you have bitcoins, you become a part of the bitcoin network and you will be invited to vote when any decision-making situation related to the network comes. Bitcoin payments are also one of the fastest and cheapest ways of payment across the world.

Here are some of the fastest methods to earn bitcoins.

  • Get Paid As Bitcoins

Earning bitcoins as payment for your work is the most legit and easiest way to earn them. Many sites offer bitcoins as a reward for engineers, marketers, singers, designers, etc. As bitcoin transactions are anonymous, fast, and cheap, more and more companies are accepting bitcoin as a payment method. Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer system and the fee charged is very less compared to the traditional bank charges. The only criteria are that the sender and the receiver have to be on the network. XBTFreelancer, 21.CO, Angle.Co, Coinality, etc, are some sites that provide payment in the form of bitcoins.

  • Get Bitcoins As Interests

If you already have bitcoins, you can earn some profit by lending them. The easiest way is to lend your bitcoins to someone whom you already know. Ensure that there is an agreement on the duration and interest of the payment.

  • Earn Bitcoins Through Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs offer a commission to promote certain products. You can choose the companies that provide commission. If you can become a popular figure or an influencer in your niche, you have a high chance of getting affiliate programs. The company has to feel that you can generate more traffic and business into their site.

  • Mine Your Bitcoins

Mining bitcoins is one of the traditional and recommended methods to earn bitcoins. Mining can be considered as a process people use to verify transactions, add new blocks to the network, and earn new coins. But this is not an easy method. You will need high-quality computers and hardware to solve complex mathematical algorithms created by the proof of work (PoW) algorithm of the platform. As the competition in mining has increased, it is not possible to get successful mining without perfect mining hardware.

You can also join mining pools to mine bitcoins. They will provide you with the perfect mining rigs and the users can hire the mining power they want. But you will have to share your mined coins with the pool’s members.

  • Trade Through Exchanges For Bitcoins

This is the easiest method to get bitcoins online. Create an account on a reliable crypto exchange and buy bitcoins when the price of the coins is low and sell them when the value increases, fetching you a decent profit. Ensure that you are aware of the risks and market trends before trading.